Happy Birthday, Don Ho

This August 13th, legendary Hawaiian entertainer Don Ho would have been 82. The multi-talented Ho passed away in 2007, just a few short months after completing the interviews for his autobiography—a project he’d put off doing for years.

These were the final interviews of his life, and the book went on to be completed by his co-author, Jerry Hopkins, finally assembled in what Hopkins called “a modern Hawaiian quilt” of oral history, a format Ho had approved before his death.

Pilot, musician, actor, cultural icon. Don Ho took it all in stride. His view, as his good friend and sometime collaborator Kui Lee sang: “Ain’t no big thing, bruddah.”

It’s no big thing in terms of what Mainland guys do—the Beatles or the Doors or whoever the hell they are. But I don’t think you will find many other groups that sustained themselves this long—night after night after night—for 45 years. You know what I’m saying? I mean, I’ve got to be nuts to have done that.

– Don Ho, 2007

Nuts or not, audiences loved Donald Tai Loy Ho. He charmed the ladies, made the men laugh, and embodied the Aloha Spirit to millions worldwide.

In celebration of his birthday, we’re giving away 10 copies of his memoir, Don Ho: My Music, My Life, via Goodreads. (You do need to be a Goodreads member in order to participate in the giveaway program.)

If you just can’t wait to find out if you’re a winner, you can purchase the book at the very special price of $8.13 in honor of his birthday, 8/13. This price takes effect on August 13 and expires August 31, 2012.

Critics have said of Don Ho: My Music, My Life:

The inclusion of people who refused to participate in efforts by other authors makes this book a milestone, and a must-buy for anyone interested in Ho or his impact on modern Hawaiian entertainment.

– John Berger, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

You’ll chuckle over the Don Ho bubble machine and that bottle of bubbly that paid homage to his hit song. You’ll recognize his failing health. And you’ll relive the watery farewell, when hundreds bid him adieu. You’ll remember Ho in a way that he probably would approve.”

– Wayne Harada, Honolulu Advertiser

Hau‘oli lā hānau, Mr. Ho!

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  1. Did he ever gat a star in Hollywoods walk of fame? If not thats a Shame!!!!!!!

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